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This is a version of the King James Bible mapped with many of the numbers written about the Bible's Numeric Map including; cross Bible book, chapter and verse numbers; cross NT chapter and verse numbers; both full and split book counts (66 book count and 57 count which is simply counting split books as one); chapter descriptions; and chapter comments. I normally use the NASB for study so the notes I have included here may reflect some specifics of the NASB text. What's important is that the NASB, NIV, King James and other like numbered Bible translations all have the same Book/chapter/verse/text structure which the Numeric Map confirms could only contian the DNA like perfection created by God himself.

Gen Exo Lev Num Deu Josh Judg Ruth 1Sam 2Sam 1King 2King 1Chr 2Chr Ezra Neh Est Job Psa Prov Ecc Songs Isa Jer Lam Ezek Dan Hos Joel Amos Oba Jonah Mic Nah Hab Zep Hag Zech Mal Matt Mark Luke John Acts Rom 1Cor 2Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1Thes 2Thes 1Tim 2Tim Titus Phil Heb Jam 1Pet 2Pet 1John 2John 3John Jude Rev  

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