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Sixth step is about Sin and Repentence and all 42 chapter sixes reveal this theme

God placed the Redemption Pattern in scripture is for everyone to take advantage of. The common reaction I get from people who first get the concept is that it is interesting but they already believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and don't have a personal interest in Biblical numbers. But even a simple understanding of numbers helps anyone understand scripture better.

For instance, if we understand the number 6 is related to sin and the need for redemption it will remind us to look for this theme in each chapter 6 of the Bible. Sounds impossible but check out some of these 42 topics for the Bible's chapter sixes which provide powerful evidence for the theme of number six. Every one of these chapters content follows a theme of sin and redemption from sin. Until you understand the pattern and and how it reveals themes throughout scripture, this very obvious relationship goes unnoticed. When you do realize chapters related to six are about sin then you see the many ways God teaches us about the 6th step of his plan of redemption. The same patterns goes for the other numbers; chapter sevens are about being disciplined and taught by the Good Shepherd; and chapter eights are about the new convenant, the remnant, becoming Godly and receiving of the Holy Spirit.


Topic Description
Genesis 6
The Lord was sorry he made man and planned to remove wickedness
Exodus 6
God will redeem Israel with with an outstretched arm and with great judgments.
Leviticus 6
Laws for sin offerings
Numbers 6
The Nazirite vows to be set apart for God
Deuteronomy 6
Commands to obey and teach the law and to go in and possess the good land promised by God
Joshua 6
The Lord gives Jericho to Joshua who is to go in and take the land--Jericho falls
Judges 6
Because of Israel's sin they are given into hands of Midian 7 years, Gideon a redeemer is called
1Samuel 6
Philistines return the ark to Israel with rich offerings to God to make atonement for their sin
2Samuel 6
David retrieves the ark, Uzzah dies for his sin and the ark comes to Jerusalem with sacrafices and offerings
1Kings 6
The Lord says to Solomon if you will walk in my statutes and obey me I will dewll with you--Solomon built and finished the temple
2Kings 6
Elisha's miracles to deliver God's people who are enlarging their dwellings by the Jordan
1Chronicles 6
List of Levitical priests--Aaron and his sons offered burnt offerings to make atonement for Israel
2Chronicles 6
The Lord enters the completed temple in a cloud and Solomon prays for the Lord's blessing in spite of their Israel's sin
Ezra 6
A new decree for the building of the temple and the temple was built and finished with the help of God
Nehemiah 6
The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem is completed
Ester 6
Haman desires honor and robes for himself, but the King gives them instead to Mordecai, Haman learns he will die
Job 6
Job expresses his deep anguish
Psalms 6
Prayer for God's mercy and deliverance
Proverbs 6
Proverb to men to save themselves from sin-sins listed
Ecclesiastes 6
Evil of seeking the joys of this life and losing crossing over to Eternal Life
Songs 6
Song for faith of a wife for her beloved and his for her--Faith in church for Jesus to deliver
Isaiah 6
Isaiah's calling and sanctification from uncleanliness…your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for."
Jeremiah 6
Jerusalem will be destroyed because of their sins
Ezekiel 6
Destruction of Israel declared by the Lord due to their abominations
Daniel 6
Daniel found guilty of offending a deceitful decree, Daniel delivered from the Lion's den
Hosea 6
Hosea exhorts Israel to repent transgressing God's covenant
Amos 6
Amos says woe to Israel for their pride and relying on their own strength
The Lord tells Israel to plead to him to be saved for turning to other God, they will become a desolation
Zephaniah 6
Vision of 4 chariots-"the branch" shall branch out and build the temple of the Lord.
Matthew 6
Salvation only comes from God-we cannot receive it from approval of men
Mark 6
The 12 sent out to tell people to repent--they casted out demons, John beheaded…Jesus heals the sick
Luke 6
Pharisees accuse Jesus of Sin, Jesus teaches about sin--"Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?
John 6
I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst
Acts 6
Complaints some are overlooked, Stephen/deacons selected, Stephen acused of sin, dragged before court
Romans 6
Do not continue in sin--wages of sin is death
1Corinthiuans 6
Flee immorality--the immoral man sins against his own body.
2Corinthiuans 6
Do not be bound to unbelievers or touch the unclean
Galations 6
Restore those caught in sins, examine your own work, do not sow to your own flesh
Ephesians 6
Armor of God-- our struggle is against powers, forces of this darkness, against spiritual forces of wickedness
1Timothy 6
Those who seek riches will fall into temptation, love of money is root of evil--flee these things
Hebrews 6
Do not fall back into sin
Revelation 6
Six of seven seals broken and the great day of the wrath of the lord has come