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Inside....Learn how knowledge of biblical number symbolism provides new insights into our understanding of a Christian's Walk and what the Bible teaches about it.

Notice how there is a progression of symbolism through these numbers...They provide us with a roadmap for our lives and steps of understanding we must take in our Christian walk. These definitions are very different and much more meaningful than how Biblical numbers are explained and oversimplified.

#1-God--Creator of all things--Beginnings, first things, things counted, set apart by kind, self, pride, God, leaders, Kings  (1st book: Genesis -- God, the beginning, need for a redemeer)
#2-Jesus-God sends a redeemer to save his people--relationship, sons, daughters, love  (2nd book: Exodus -- A redeemer is sent)
#3-Holy Spirit-God in us--Righteousness, Purity and our impurity, Power of God  (3rd book: Leviticus -- A holy and righteous God, the need for sacrafices for sin, our inability to save ourselves)
#4-Wilderness Trials, testing--A time of sifting/preparing the heart to consider God's way--All things of creation and of this world  (4th book: Numbers -- Wilderness wandering seeking the promised land, trials, death)
#5-Instructions for entering the land--Covenants, instructions, rules, promises...choices for blessings & curses  (5th book: Deuteronomy -- Instructions/conditions before entering the land. Promises, covenants, consequences)
#6-Sin, evil, crossing over & turning from Sin--Following God and crossing over into his land. Repentance, removing strongholds of sin  (6th book: Joshua -- Decision to enter God's land. Attempting to remove strongholds of sin.)
#7-Becoming Complete--The Good Shepherd leads with rod and staff, conflict, adultery, turning away and turning back. Not a number of perfection, but a number of our struggle learning man's ways vs God's ways. The Lord's efforts to redeem us via rod and staff. If successful we then become "Godly".   (7th book: Judges -- experiencing God's ways vs man's ways. Men keep failing and calling out to God.)
#8-The Godly & New Beginnings--Faithful Servants, receiving the Holy Spirit, abundance, the remnant, baptism, circumcision  (8th book: Ruth -- Finally truly recognizing God's way is the only way and His land is best. Godly servants return to the land.)
#9 Watching for Jesus return--Future things -- persevering in service, future events and plans. Our activities while we wait patiently for the Lord's return.  (9th complete book: 1/2 Samuel -- Saul vs David. Examples of how to serve God while we await his return.)
#10-Endings - Last & Final Things-Commands, Day of the Lord, final judgment, last things of all kinds including the end of the age.  (10th complete book: 1/2 Kings -- Last things. Faild leaders, final judgments, exile, the land remains empty.)
.... #11, #12, #13 up to #1000 - Number definitions continue on... See website pages to learn more about Bible numbers and patterns.

See inside for more about other numbers... 9/11, 666, 777, 153, 40, 70, 69 and many others.

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Nothing is Impossible  a short explanation of this website (lower on this page) Inspiration of the Bible Proof & Evidences  (KJV,NIV,NASB) A list of proofs and explanations the Bible was divinely inspired by God. RPNMConceptChart A printable chart that shows the themes for #1-10 and how 12 different Bible lists match the theme...Lords Prayer, Ten Commandments, Full Armor of God and more.
The Value ..As I tell people about the Bible’s pattern and the numbers that point to it, one of the first responses I hear is, “So what? I already believe God wrote the Bible Redemption Pattern Numbers 1-10 A list of the meanings of the foundational number symbolism for numbers one to ten. Interpretation-Beatitudes The Beatitudes are one of the best examples showing how the ten part Redemption Pattern
Quick Evidences  Do you believe in coincidences?  Here are some facts anyone can verify for themselves in their own Bible. Chapter Chart A searchable list of the cross Bible chapter number and verse count for every chapter of the Bible. Notice how John 3 is the 1000th chapter. Numbers 11-1000 A page with some of my ideas for symbolism of the Bible's numbers greater than 10.
Book Chapter/Verse Number List Use this Chart Use to examine the similarities and patterns of information across Bible books. Why Should I care? A common first reaction to the Numeric Map is that it is a curious anomaly...but it helps everyone understand/interpret the Bible more accurately. Skeptical If you were not doubtful about these discoveries you probably don't know the history (as we know it) of how the Bible was writtern..reasons these impossible claims might be true
King James Bible with Numeric Map The King James Bible online with all the numbers of the Numeric Map included. Interpretation-10 I Am statements The ten (not 7 or 8) "I Am" statements of Jesus in the book of John follow the progressive ten steps of God's plan of redemption. See how the pattern helps us interpret these statements...see the Trinity in the first 3 statements. Latest Website Changes(see more change history...) A list of the most recent changes to this website.

Amazing Bible Facts suggest a supernatural numbering of the Bible...

Everything we know about how the Bible was created tells us the Bible's structure (book, chapter and verse organization) was done for man's convenience. The Bible could not possibly be divinely numbered. I told myself the same thing over a couple of years until the evidence simply overwhelmed my ability to deny the perfection any longer. If you can bring yourself to discern the evidence for yourself, at first you will not be able to take it in -- but as you see more & more examples, the perfection of numbers and the preponderance of how biblical numbers line up with the text will eventually convince you the only way it could exist is if God himself made it happen. How could this discovery remain hidden for more than 2000 years? I'm convinced it is because God designed it for this point in history and kept it hidden until he wanted it revealed.

Nothing is impossible with God...
Jer 32:27 "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?"

This web site is full of evidence of all kinds for the DNA-like perfection of the Bible, and you will want to dismiss example after example as coincidence some point you also will start to realize there's just too much evidence, in too many very strategic Bible locations, to think it happened by chance, or is simply the product of someone's overactive imagination.

Following are some starting examples to make you wonder if this is remotely possible. If you are the curious type, or love discoveries in God's Word, keep looking and be amazed at what God has done. Once you observe the patterns you will never think of God's Word the same truly is a supernatural book.

  • The Shortest Bible Chapter with just two verses is also the exact center chapter - Psalm 117. Both verses declare "Praise the Lord" - happenstance?
  • John 3:16 is in the 1000th Bible chapter and #1000 is God's number of
  • #72 is about witnesses - the 7200th Bible verse, and the 72nd verse of Ruth, says "you are witnesses". This is also in the 236th Bible chapter (2x6=72). Too many "coincidences".
  • The 24,000th Bible verse is Matthew 24:42 the key verse about the DAY (24 hours) of the Lord in a chapter about the Day of the Lord. (Calculated at billions to one could not be coincidence)
  • Revelation 14:4 (144) tells about the 144,000 witnesses. This might be chance except all the other examples tell us this is most likely by design. (Also 2x72 (witness)=144)
  • #666 is associated with sin/evil and in Genesis 3:6 (3 sixes) Eve ate the forbidden fruit - the verse of original sin
  • Revelation 12:6 (126) specifically predicts waiting for one thousand two hundred sixty days (1260 days=3 1/2 years). Daniel 12:6 also mentions 3 1/2 years - "time, times and a half a time".
  • ...and many, many more examples of the Bible's DNA like supernatural perfection are found in this web site...

A Bible discovery that has so far been rejected because it is humanly impossible to be...that's the point.

God has somehow had his hand on creating a perfect and divinely structured Bible (KJV, NASB, NIV...). This includes the number and order of every book, chapter and verse and well as all the text and even every list in the Bible. Also, there is a ten part number related pattern to everything written in the scriptures - each of these ten parts correspond to the numbers one to ten. The pattern of numbers and text show us how themes associated with each of the ten numbers reveal a ten step "Redemption Pattern" that seems a step by step path each believer takes in their walk with God.

To see examples for yourself ...check out the numerically mapped King James Bible (KJV) at

Check out the video trailer....

Older Changes

2012-10-24 - Blog Post - About #13 - Acts 13, the Bible's HALLOWEEN chapter? The 1031st Bible chapter (I.E. 10/31) with remarkable Halloween-like symbolism
2012-09-30 - Blog Post - About #26 - Bible's number patterns say Jesus Christ is God -- #26 and the Bible's 2:6 verses - "I Am", God, Jesus Christ, YHVH and Elohim
2012-09-26 - Blog Post - Don’t you wonder how there so much insane thinking in the world? Maybe there is an explanation?
2012-09-24 - Blog Post - About #911 - The recent terrorist attack in Libya is more evidence 911 is God's warning number to nations that turn from him
2012-09-23 - Blog Post - About #14/22 - 14 of all 22 of the Bible's 18:18 verses incredibly point to sin and relate to 666 - Number of the Beast
2012-09-03 - Blog Post - Pretrib Rapture? Evidence references in the Bible - sharing my notes of unfinished research
2012-08-25 - Blog Post - Most Easy to Confirm Compelling Evidences for a Perfectly Structured Bible
2012-06-17 - Blog Post - The Most Compelling of All Evidences that God Numbered the Bible... 31 Topic Transition Verses
2012-05-03 - 2012 in the Bible seems to point to Judgement Á The Day of the LORD
2012-02-28 - Blog Post - Read about the Bible's 31 contigious 1000 verse sections. Each a transition to new series of events
2012-01-23 - Blog Post - About #13/18/666 - Rev 13:18 The number of the beast...24 verses of scripture that also reveal #666 is a number of great evil
(see more change history...)

Also visit the amazingword blog for more related thoughts

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: Thousands of mathematically provable evidences compel us to conclude the Bible's numbering is as perfect as today's computer's encryption keys. Everything in the Bible is perfectly numbered and aligned without any breaks between books or chapters. As if that is not amazing enough, the many numbers associated with each chapter and verse seem to be a guide to the more accurate interpretation of scripture. The numbers written about here do not in any away attempt to change the meaning of any Bible text - but they do help us to improve our interpretation through the preciseness of numbers.

The Bible's numbers appear so perfect that I imagine you might even be able to reproduce the text of the Bible using what I refer to as "The Bible's Numeric Map". That's just my guess based on the perfection that seems to be found no matter which way you look at the Bible's numbers. To be certain, I don't believe we will ever be able to fully comprehend this DNA like number pattern, but it is easy to see it well enough to make use of what we observe. This web site explains how anyone can see the evidences for this perfection in their own personal Bible (all research is related to Bible's numbered and organized after a King James style structure.)

HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE? When God's Word was written through his Holy Spirit, he also had organized and numbered it in advance. When the numbering was added hundreds of years later, we thought it was the work of men, but just like the original text, God was behind every decision in the creation of his Word - Consider what God says about himself and His Word...

God said his word is perfect and he would preserve it...
Psalm 12:6-7 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

God said his word cannot be broken...
John 10:35 "...Scripture cannot be broken..."

So God says he can do anything, that the scriptures are perfect and that he supernaturally preserves his word. If we can believe those statements in God's Word, then we can imagine the impossibility of God's Numeric Map is not impossible at all. But that does not make it so - now let's look at some evidence...


This web site is full of evidences for the numerical as well as textual perfection of God's Word. Any of these evidences can individually be considered coincidence, but when you notice how the evidence is from some of the most well known places of scripture and when you consider the overwhelming nature of the evidence - what you reasonably consider to be an impossibility begins to prove itself to be real. Here's just a tiny example of the mountains of evidence for the Numeric Map and Redemption Pattern found in God's Word -- See the evidence pages for much more... Evidence facts, more evidence, and frequently asked questions...

  • The 1000th chapter - John 3, home of John 3:16 and the chapter some consider to be the most important chapter of the Bible. Number 1000 is God's number of perfection (Josephus) - how did this special chapter end up at this very special 1000th position?
  • The Center Bible Chapter - Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter of the Bible and is the Bible's only two verse chapter; as the 595th chapter it is the exact center chapter of the Bible. It declares in both verses "Praise the LORD". This very special center point chapter seems to point out that the Bible is all about Jesus - the first half and the second half.
  • The 500th Bible chapter - Psalm 22 is the 500th Bible chapter that reveals Jesus speaking from the Cross - This well known Psalm tells of Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins. As tragic as it seems, it is a day of Jubilee for all believers - Jesus act of giving his life, paid all our debts and released us from bondage if we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The Bible says that number 50 is a number of Jubilee that tells of the law that all debts are to be forgiven on the 50th year anniversary. Leviticus 25:10 tells us about Jubilee - 'You shall thus consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim a release through the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you, and each of you shall return to his own property, and each of you shall return to his family.

    In Biblical numeric's, number 500 is a hyper 50 number (10x50) which relates it to the year of Jubilee. Is it by chance this chapter about Jesus dying for our sins happens to be at this very special and unique 500th chapter position?
  • Revelation 14:4 and the 144,000 - did you notice the number relationship of chapter and verse to the subject of the text - Revelation 14:3 tells us the 144,000 were the only ones that could sing the song, but it is 14:4 that is the best description of the 144,000 in the Bible - could this be coincidence?
  • The 7200th Bible verse - Number 72 is a number that speaks of witnesses for Jesus, in fact, 144 (as in the 144,000 witnesses) is two times 72. We see this in Luke 9:54 and 10:1 where James and John are sent out and 70 others are sent as well (for a total of 72) - an often debated number. Evidence that #72 is a number of witnesses can be found in the 7200th verse of the Bible which is also the 72nd verse of the Book of Ruth -- verse 4:9 which says... Boaz said to the elders and all the people, "You are witnesses today that I have bought from the hand of Naomi all that belonged to Elimelech and all that belonged to Chilion and Mahlon". Witnesses of the purchase of both Naomi the Jewish widow and Ruth the gentile widow - a picture of Jesus redeeming us. Think it is coincidence this is the 7200th verse of the Bible and the 72nd verse of Ruth mentioning being a witness? Consider also; this is in the 236th Bible chapter and 2x36=72; chapter and verse 4:9 also multiply to 36 which is a factor of 72 (2x36). How do all these numbers line up so perfectly? Without the other evidences, it might be just an interesting coincidence, but taken with other evidences, do you see how evidences seem to point to a perfectly numbered Bible?
  • The 24,000th Bible verse - A profound evidence ...Every 1000th verse of the Bible is special (explained on pages in the web site), but the alignment of this 24,000th verse to number 24 along with other chapter and verse associations to 24 are truly beyond the statistical possibility of something that can't happen by chance - more than 12,000,000,000 to 1.

    Here are six associations with this single verse with the theme of a day or 24 hours - Matthew 24:42declares"Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming". (#1) this is the Bible's 24,000th verse; (#2) it is found in the 24th chapter; (#3) it is a chapter about the DAY of the LORD; (#4) there are 24 hours in a DAY; (#5) the text of this verse is key to the chapter and warns us to be on the alert for this specific DAY; (#6) This is the 42nd verse of the chapter which is a number related by gematria to numbers 2 and 4 (24) - also note that 42 months is 3 1/2 years, a number associated with the prophetic timing for this day.

    All these associations with this 24,000th verse of the Bible to the number 24 might be considered a way God is shouting at us to pay attention - WATCH OUT FOR THIS DAY. If you are tempted to declare this as an interesting coincidence, you might want to ponder (chew on it) for awhile and take some time to look at hundreds of other evidences documented on this web site - (start here)

Amazing God...

God has somehow had his hand on creating a perfect and divinely structured Bible (KJV, NASB, NIV...). This includes the number and order of every book, chapter and verse and well as all the text and even every list in the Bible.

Just as important - There is a ten part number related pattern to everything written in the scriptures - each of these ten parts correspond to the numbers one to ten, and themes associated with each of the ten numbers reveal a ten step "Redemption Pattern" associated with every number and list and possibly every word and letter in the Bible. What is this pattern about? I believe it points to ten steps of God's plan of redemption for those who trust in him - similar in concept to Campus Crusade's "4 spiritual laws".

This web site is my humble and not very well polished attempt to share this discovery with anyone who wants to read about it. Although rough in design, contents and text - this site is not about the style of the web site, but more about communicating what might be the most significant finding ever written about God's Word.

To see Bible examples for yourself ...check out the numerically mapped King James Bible (KJV) at

About the author and the discovery....

I know this is a bit of a lengthy read but I don’t know otherwise how to begin to present a biblical discovery hidden for more than 2000 years….

More than three years ago I left my Senior Vice President position in a large software company and have been doing full time research into these biblical patterns that I began to see evidence of back in 1999. In the more than ten years since then I've invested greater than 10,000 in the study of God's word. I'm not suggesting I'm an expert, but rather that I have not taken lightly the implication of my writings, and have put a tremendous amount of time and thought into my research. Like all Biblical interpretation, I'm sure there is much I'm wrong about, but I'm certain the pattern exists, even if I'm not properly understanding the true meaning of what it reveals.

I don't consider myself a biblical scholar, but simply someone that accidentally noticed patterns in the text and numbering of the Bible that seems to have not yet been documented. I give God credit for any good that I've written, but at the same time can't claim any special revelation other than knowing he works through us even when we are unaware. That's the only way I can comprehend why I've happened upon this discovery after millions of others have previously poured over the scriptures much more than I.

I realize the impossibility of these claims and also rejected them for years until the evidence that kept popping up in my studies gradually moved me from dismissing it;  to wondering about it; and finally overwhelmed my ability to dismiss it any longer. What I have observed can be proven through the science of mathematics and is there for anyone to observe for themselves. It is too observable to be the result of anything other than the creation of an incomprehensible God.

Regarding this accidental and impossible discovery – in simplest terms I believe I can prove God has somehow had his hand in creating a perfect and divinely structured Bible (KJV, NASB, NIV...). This includes the number and order of every book, chapter and verse and well as all the text and even every list in the Bible. I also believe there is a ten part number related pattern to everything written in the scriptures. Each of these ten parts correspond to the numbers one to ten, and themes that are associated with each of the ten numbers reveal a progressive ten step "Redemption Pattern". This pattern can be compared to "the four spiritual laws" that came from Bill Bright and Campus Crusade, and lays out very basically God's plan of salvation. In a way that might be compared to the complexity of the DNA of life, the Bible appears to be written with every part of it in a template of the steps of what I refer to as God's Redemption Pattern.

How is this observed? It's actually not difficult to see the evidence of these patterns when you understand the themes for the ten parts. They are stamped on virtually every aspect of the Bible; the themes of first ten verses of the Bible;  the first ten chapters; the first ten books; the Ten Commandments; the names of the generations from Adam to Noah; and literally every other text. Everything is ordered according to this Redemption Pattern and is associated and identified by a complex intersecting number sequence in what I refer to as the Bible's Numeric Map. God seems to have sealed everything written in the scriptures with the signature of his plan of salvation. If it's possible to sound even a bit more eccentric, I suspect everything in creation is also somehow related with this number pattern. Imagine the possibilities – such a number pattern would reveal clues to creation itself.

We know many reasons this cannot be ...Don't bother giving reason why this pattern cannot exist because so many of us know of a long list of reasons it could not have happened... but it did! It does not matter if we can comprehend how, the evidence declares the intelligence behind the patterns. It is like our understanding of the creation of the universe - we know it exists but in our human understanding we can't explain how. Something cannot be created from nothing...but it appears it was. How do these patterns exist? God simply caused them to happen. If we think about it, no God fearing person doubts the creator of the universe could pull off writing a single perfect book? It's not a question if God could, but rather, did he? In fact, his word declares this perfection, but until now we had no reliable way to confirm it indeed happened - Matthew 5:18 declares - "For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished".

See the sidebar indexes to other pages on this site that explain much more about the Numeric Map and Redemption Pattern. These concepts are not difficult but at the same time cannot be comprehended by a quick read through the materials. If you are interested in God's Word and wondering if these claims are true, it will take some time to begin to comprehend the concept. Don't be discouraged - there are wonderful and interesting gems of wisdom and understanding every step of the way - Remember what God said to Daniel about his reading of the Word...

Then he said to me, "Do not be afraid, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart on understanding this and on humbling yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to your words. Daniel 10:12

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2012-01-23 - Blog - Rev 13:18 The number of the beast...24 verses of scripture that also reveal #666 is a number of great evil
2011-11-15 - Blog - From Chapter 4 of my book - my journey in discovering the Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map
2011-09-01 - The Bible's 7 "I Am" statements of Jesus show The Trinity in the New Testament
2011-08-22 - Last days evidence Jesus is the messiah of the Bible (KJV/NIV/NASB...)
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2011-07-26 - Revised the web site main page
2011-07-19 - About #888 - #888 = Number of Jesus name - both JESUS & YHVH
2011-05-10 - About #666 - The Bible’s 6:12 verses (666 related) contain a common theme of great sin
2011-03-27 - About #22/14 - Bible's Amazing #22/#14 patterns in the text about Jesus servant and King
2011-03-19 - About #66 - The pattern of the 66th verses of every Bible book point to sin - IE 1 John 4:3 refers to the Antichrist and is the 66th verse of the book.
2011-03-11 - The word EARTHQUAKE in the Bible written on the Day of the great 8.9 earthquake in Japan
2011-03-10 - Free eBook download for The Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map - Kindle, epub, pdf, mobi and other formats
2011-01-04 - About #126 - Blog - #126 - Blog post showing how the Bible's 12:6 and 1:26 verses point to the 1260 days leading to Jesus return; 3 1/2 years; 42 months
2010-12-15 - About #666 - Blog - #666, the number of the Beast, is found associated to sin/wickedness many places in the Bible...
2010-12-13 - Changes to top of home page - "Ask Yourself"
2010-11-17 - About #10 - God turns back time 10 steps in the 10,110th verse
2010-11-03 - About #25 - Christmas in the Bible and December 25th - A Date Ordained by God
2010-10-31 - About #31 - October 31st - Reformation Day (Halloween) - Prophecy in the Bible - On this Day in 1517 Martin Luther declared he was a bondservant to God - posted the 95 thesis - Deu 15:17...
2010-10-03 - About #37/777 - The Bible's Number 37 related to 777 speaks of perfection, consecration, sanctification and being saved (blog)
2010-08-22 - New home page introduction to this web site
2010-07-29 - 'Vengeance is mine' and 'The hairs on your head are all numbered' - together they tell a story
2010-06-27 - About #666 - #666 is a number of great sin and evil. Also related to #18 (6+6+6) and #36 (3 sixes)
2010-06-26 - About #666 - #666 The 666th Bible chapter speaks of wickedness - 666 - the number of the beast
2010-06-14 - About #29 - #29 Jesus will return to save by faith in him alone. The 11 29n29 verses.
2010-06-09 - About #777 - #777 - The 777th Bible chapter - The deed of the Land of Israel
2010-05-24 - About #29 - #29 and the Return of the Lord - the words LITTLE WHILE found in 29 verses
2010-05-24 - About #911 - The 911th, 912th and 913th chapters seem to foretell the return of the Lord
2010-05-22 - National Mall Cross - a work in progress - excuse any mess
2010-05-20 - About #1111 - Colossians 4, the 1111th chapter fits numeric map theme for #1 - see explanation
2010-05-19 - The Pattern reveals ten "I am" statements in John - not the 6, 7 or 8 commonly taught
2010-05-19 - How the Numeric Map answers questions asked of the Dead Sea Scrolls
2010-05-18 - Blog - A supernatural likeness of 6:12 verses reveal themes of turning from sin...
2010-05-17 - The Beatitudes - a progressive list of rewards for the steps of salvation
2010-05-11 - John 3:16/1John 4:9-"God so loved the world" and Numeric Map intersections with #36
2010-05-10 - The Bible's 3:16 verses show like verse references have related text themes
2010-05-10 - blog - Doubt Jesus or God's inspired word? - if we seek him, he will let us find him...
2010-05-08 - blog - Is the rapture/catching up a real and important Bible teaching?
2010-05-07 - blog - the fear of biblical numbers - Numerology?
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2010-05-05 - Taking apart the numbers -how numbers reveal themes.>
2010-05-04 - Numbers 7/29 the temple rebuilding and saving of Israel - C7-C29
2010-05-03 - Verses confirming Jesus return at the end of the age.
2010-05-01 - 1John 4:9, John 3:16 and Ruth 4:9 - all directly related..
2010-04-29 - Job chapters 36-42 tell of the Lord's return (#24) Israel's salvation
2010-04-26 - About #47/74 - Number 47/74 have similar meaning - requirements to be saved.
2010-04-25 - Many special verses marked in the Online Numeric Map Bible
2010-04-19 - About #77/27/72 - The 7,700th, 2,700th and 7,200th verses point to witnessing/testimony
2010-04-18 - chapters of Matthew showing how they fit the Numeric Map
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2010-04-02 - About #54 - #54-Knowing God - a prophet sent to teach us, we are to listen
2010-04-01 - about the author and the discovery
2010-03-31 - About #69 - #69-Deceit and confusion - doing things our own way
2010-03-31 - About #96 - #96-God's people deceived and living their own way
2010-03-30 - About #98 - #98-Jesus comes to judge -The Lord's Passover
2010-03-30 - About #29 - #29- the #29/92/99 and the Last Days/End times/catching up
2010-03-29 - About #22 - #22- and Jesus the Suffering Servant
2010-03-28 - it is Jesus who will rule from the Mercy Seat
2010-03-27 - About #14 - #14- The Passover number
2010-03-25 - About #111 - Do the Bible's 111 verses speak of the trinity?
2010-03-25 - About #26 - the number 26 is a special number for God
2010-03-23 - About #911 - Numbers in our world found in the Bible 911/360/180...
2010-03-23 - Quick Tweets about Biblical Numbers
2010-03-22 - About #58 - number symbolism for number 58
2010-03-12 - More updates to number definitions from 11-1000 - still a work in progress
2010-03-10 - Added a complete index to the 31, 1000-verse Divisions of the Bible (in progress)
2010-03-07 - About #9000/10000 - The 9,000th and 10,000th events point to two major sections of Israel's history
2010-03-07 - Created Preponderance of Evidence Page--more evidence for the Numeric Map
2010-03-07 - Updates Fun facts page - Evidence for the Bible's Perfection and Numeric Map
2010-01-31 - Many updates to the List of Bible chapter descriptions and great Bible chapters
2010-01-28 - About #1111 - #1111 - Number one on steroids--the 1,111th chapter and 11,111th verse
2010-01-23 - About #67 - #67 - Israel's six day war and Jerusalem captured on 6/7/1967?

2010-01-23 - About #911 - Does God judge nations? Is 911 in the Bible?
2010-01-03 Added page of Great Bible Chapters/Well Known Bible Chapters
2009-12-14 - About #25 - Number 25, 25,000th verse, Dec 25th, Christmas and the Christmas tree
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2009-09-23 - About #11/911 - List of September 11th 9/11 911 related Tweets...
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