Building this page of key evidences that easy to present about the perfect bible – pending work 2018-05-13

Many evidences & Proofs Why the Bible had to be God Inspired (supernatural):

(see also Evidence Everywhere page for more Numeric Example proofs)

1260 Page – The Bible’s 12:6 verses are one of the top evidences for a perfect bible

144,000 who go before Jesus
666 the number of the beast
Number 72 and Witnesses
Number 36 and Original Sin
1260 days, 3 1/2 years, 42 months time of the Lord’s Return

Psalm 117 divinely ties together the Old and New Testament
595th and Exact Middle Bible chapter is shortest and only two verse chapter
John 3 the Bible’s key chapter and home of
The Jubilee chapter
The 24,000th verse highlights the DAY of the Lord

17s and the flood
The Angel of the Lord is Jesus
555 and the Washington Monument and the middle Bible verse
Fourteen is a number for Passover and also for Jesus the King
Elijah’s return compared to the return of the Lord (29/99)

(39) Thirty-nine and Israel and the Jews
(39)Thirty-nine and Israel’s captivity
The 10,110th Bible verse – God turns time back 10 steps
25,000th verse – Theme for 25 – “Jesus revealing his physical presence”
Impossible coincidence-A duplicate of John 3:16 at a intersection of #36 references

Following are other various associations and themes of the Bible’s numbers
153 is a number related to the Shekinah Glory of God. Glorified.
555 is a number for the Statutes and Covenants of God–blessing or curse–life or death
666 –Often a number for great evil/sin – Satan – 36 also may ref 666 (three sixes)
777 — Purchased/saved by the redeemer, sanctified, consecrated, cleansed

Number 888 For Jesus –Highest number for Jesus, The Lion–ALL AUTHORITY IS HIS
911 — is a God number related to warnings before consequences to Nations
999 — is the number for events just prior to Jesus return–saints taken up to be spared wrath
The Bible’s Set Of 180th Book Verses
911 is God’s number warning nations that turn from hi

Martin Luther posting the 95 thesis in the Bible?
37/777 and being sealed for the Lord
Numbers in text match verse references
69 weeks of prophecy (7 and 62 weeks) confirmed by numbers
The 70 weeks prophecy found in the 770th chapter

The trinity and the two overlooked “I Am” Statements in the book of John
23,000th verse – Theme for 23 – “God is with Us”
25 – Does the Celebration of Christmas on December 25th reflect the date of Jesus birth?
The Christmas Tree and The Burning Bush
Psalm 118, a carefully positioned chapter to take note of

9000th verse — Temple Complete and the Spirit of God enters in a cloud
Numbers guide interpretation – after 8 days they were taken up
22-a number related to Jesus the Suffering Servant
14-Number for Jesus the King
Two aspects of Jesus together 14 and 22


1Chr 27:1   the 11111th Bible verse

middle chapter and verse

1000th verse

1,260 days , 3.5 years, 42 months  12:6 verses