King James Bible with Basic Numeric Map Numbers

The AmazingWord Numbered Bible is a fully organized numbered Bible revealing 8 different numbering sequences that I refer to as the DNA of the Bible. this index page is the Table of Contents.    LINK: Help Contents for the AW Numbered Bible


Gen    Exo    Lev   Num    Deu   Josh  Judg   Ruth   1Sam   2Sam   1King   2King   1Chr 2Chr Ezra Neh Est Job Psa Prov Ecc Songs Isa Jer Lam  Ezek Dan Hos Joel Amos Oba Jonah Mic Nah Hab Zep Hag Zech Mal


Matt Mark Luke John Acts Rom 1Cor 2Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1Thes 2Thes 1Tim 2Tim Titus Phil Heb Jam 1Pet 2Pet   1John 2John 3John Jude Rev

1. Genesis — Creation of man, animals and the universe. God establishes a covenant with his chosen people.
2. Exodus — God delivers his people, the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt.
3. Leviticus — Laws for living with a holy and righteous God. Priesthood established. Atonement by blood.
4. Numbers — Wilderness wandering tests and prepares men to seek God. Israel wandering 40 years.
5. Deuteronomy — Before entering the land, warnings of blessings in obeying God, consequences of disobeying.
6. Joshua — God’s people finally enter the promised land and are to remove sinful inhabitants.
7. Judges — Israel’ decline after Joshua; Seven failures; Seven servitudes; Seven Deliverances
8. Ruth — Kinsman Redeemer, Boaz, marries Ruth, a gentile daughter-in-law. Their child becomes of linage to David.
9. 1Samuel — Three leaders of Israel: Samuel the priest; Saul, rejected by God; David, God’s chosen king.
10. 2Samuel — David becomes king of Judah; Saul’s son becomes king of Israel; they meet in battle
11. 1 Kings — Reign of Solomon, his faults leading to Israel being divided into two Kingdoms.
12. 2 Kings — Two nations of Israel dispersed for disobedience. Israel forever and Judah for 70 years.
13. 1 Chronicles — King David’s reign is detailed. David ruled 40 years under the blessing of God
14. 2 Chronicles — King Solomon’s reign through temple destruction and exile of the people.
15. Ezra — Spiritual renewal after the Jews return from exile includes banning of mixed marriages.
16. Nehemiah — Nehemiah’s leadership, returning Jewish exiles rebuild broken walls of Jerusalem.
17. Esther — Ester, a Jewish girl, risks her life to save her people from a wicked plot to annihilate them.
18. Job — A godly man loses all: family, health and possessions. He debates why men suffer.
19. Psalms — Songs of personal thoughts, praise, prayer and thanksgiving to a loving God.
20. Proverbs — Book of wisdom and warnings, blessings and consequences, for people to follow God.
21. Ecclesiastes — A king who has experienced all worldly things says apart from God, life is unsatisfying.
22. Song of Solomon — A bride and groom celebrate the wonderful passions of God’s gift of love they share.
23. Isaiah — Prophesy that due to idolatry, God will send Judah into captivity but will later graciously restore them.
24. Jeremiah — Jeremiah’s prophetic warning of Babylonian captivity is ignored, and he becomes part of it.
25. Lamentations — Despairing author tells destruction of Jerusalem due to the Lord’s anger against his people.
26. Ezekiel — Shocking visions and prophecy: God’s plan for his people so “they will know he is the Lord”.
27. Daniel — God reveals his plan for future generations to his faithful prophet.
28. Hosea — A prophet’s marriage to a prostitute reflects God’s relationship with Israel.
29. Joel — Locust plague reflects future judgment of the coming “Great and terrible Day of the Lord”.
30. Amos — Prophetic warnings against Israel and nations to repent injustice and idolatry.
31. Obadiah — Edom will suffer for participating in Jerusalem’s destruction.
32. Jonah — Reluctant prophet runs from God, is taken by a giant fish and made to go warn Nineveh.
33. Micah — Judah will suffer for their idolatry and injustice or go into exile, but will later be restored.
34. Nahum — Powerful wicked Nineveh will fall before God’s judgment.
35. Habakkuk — Questions of nature of evil. Trust God even when he seems unresponsive or unfair.
36. Zephaniah — The Day of the Lord promises judgment against Judah. Other nations should listen.
37. Haggai — Jews returned from exile to rebuild God’s second temple, which is to be better than the first.
38. Zechariah — Jewish exiles to rebuild their temple where one day their messiah will appear.
39. Malachi — People rebuked for violating covenants. This last Old Testament book warns of the coming messiah.

40. Matthew — Gospel speaking to Jews: Jesus completes their prophecies of the coming Messiah.
41. Mark — Gospel giving very specific facts about Jesus and his deeds, not so much his words.
42. Luke — Gospel written by gentile to gentiles promising Jesus is savior of all.
43. John — Gospel to Jews and Gentiles proving Jesus is promised messiah and is God himself.
44. Acts — Acts of the Apostles, through the Holy Spirit, to carry on Christ’s work after His ascension.
45. Romans — Salvation and righteousness given to all who have faith in Jesus, the risen Son of God.
46. 1 Corinthians — Paul deals with the many sin problems in the church at Corinth.
47. 2 Corinthians — Paul defends his ministry and his imperfect conduct to the troubled Corinthian church.
48. Galatians — Christians free from Jewish laws: Salvation comes through belief in Christ alone.
49. Ephesians — Christians are part of the body of Christ, the Church, and serve by living godly lives.
50. Philippians — Paul urges the church to have Christian unity and joy. How unity can be broken.
51. Colossians — Jesus Christ is supreme over all. Don’t be distracted by other philosophies.
52. 1 Thessalonians — Answers to questions about the end times and the future coming of the Lord.
53. 2 Thessalonians — Believers are to persevere in holy living while we watch for Christ’s promised return.
54. 1 Timothy — Pastors are to conduct their lives in godliness and oppose false teachings.
55. 2 Timothy — Never shrink from sharing Jesus and the Gospel. God provides strength in suffering.
56. Titus — Leaders are to be strong, with Godly principals, and sternly reprimand evildoers,
57. Philemon — Paul begs mercy for a runaway slave converted to Christianity.
58. Hebrews — To doubting Christian Jews: Jesus is better than Old Testament sacrifices or covenants.
59. James — Real Christian faith is shown by one’s good works which demonstrate it.
60. 1 Peter — Suffering for the sake of Jesus is noble and good. Hope for a certain future.
61. 2 Peter — Beware of false teachers within the church. Jesus will indeed physically return.
62. 1 John — Warnings about those who would lead you astray. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.
63. 2 John — Beware of false teachers who denied Jesus’ physical life on earth. Obey God’s Laws.
64. 3 John — Church leaders must be humble, not proud, and show hospitality to Christian workers.
65. Jude — Beware of heretical teachers and their dangerous doctrines. Build up your faith.
66. Revelation — God will defeat Satan and forces of evil in the end. Prophesies of the last days.