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Proofs and Examples
Evidences Everywhere – a few more evidences
A Short List of Most Compelling Evidences for a DNA-like Numbered Bible
Most Liked Examples of Bible’s Number Structure

King James Bible with Basic Numeric Map Numbers

Meanings for the numbers 1 through 10
Meanings for Numbers 11 through 49
Meanings for Numbers 50 through 99
Meanings for numbers 100 and above

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Number Meanings in History and Historical Events
The Value – How Will This Help The Average Person to Interpret Scripture?
Skeptical? Of Course! Give yourself a chance to discern the facts. The Evidence is real.
Judaism – All aspects of the Bible’s Perfect Numbering are in the Torah and other books
How was the Deep Numbering of the Bible Discovered?
What’s the Point? I’m bad with numbers. What’s in it for me?
The Many Aspects of How The Bible’s Numbering Works
Earthquake in the Bible
book forward — by Jerry Gramckow
Free ebook: The Bible’s Redemption Pattern and Numeric Map
RPNM Book Summary
Christmas In The Bible
The Beatitudes demonstrate the pattern of 1-10 in its 10 Points
Best Christian Hashtags
Some Great Bible Chapters: Chapter Topic List
Bible Facts and Stats
RPNM Book Corrections
CHART: Numbers and the Calendar
Index to AmazingWord Blog Posts
Cross Bible Verse Sequence Numbers Reveal Interpretation Guide Helps
How Might the Numeric Map and Pattern help The Dead Sea Scroll Studies
The Number 17
The Number 1111 — Number 1 on Steroids
Biblical Numbers Found in our world
Evidences for number 1290 found in Daniel 12:11
#22 Additional Evidences
INTERESTING/Special Bible Chapters
The Bible’s 31 “1000” Verse Divisions — Compelling Evidence for a Supernatural Author
The Bible’s 3:16 verses demonstrate like referenced verse themes
The Secret Gospel of Mark; The Numeric Map declares there are no books missing from the Bible
The Trinity in the New Testament; Are there 7, 8 or 10 “I AM” Statements in John?
Top Number discoveries
A Few AmazingWord Twitter Tweets
Bible Words and Phrases

REFERENCE: Concept Chart Showing Bible Parts Relating to the 10 Step Numeric Authentication Pattern

REFERENCE: List of Bible Books with their cross-Bible chapter and verse sequence numbers
REFERENCE: Chart listing Books containing a chapter number
REFERENCE: Chart Showing Cross Bible Chapter Numbers and Verse Counts
REFERENCE: Triangle Numbers – The Sum of All Numbers that Proceed a Number