About the AW Numbered Bible: Explanation of Contents

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Each Bible Book Page contains the following parts:

1. Book name and number – Below shows book name Jonah which is the 32nd Bible Book

2. Book Links line – Also shows book name and number with a second number which is the nnth full book of the Bible. The divided books of the Bible such as 1st and 2nd Kings were first a single book later divided into two scrolls. It appears God has two sets of Bible book numbers. First the 1-66 book count we use today. Second, a 1-57 count of full books that counts split book parts as a single book. I think this full book count number might have special meaning. Following this heading are links to quickly select any chapter in the book by number.

3. List of Chapters for book – Listed here are the chapters of the book with a brief description to allow for browsing a books chapters. Each Bible chapter number is also included. There are 1189 chapters in the Bible and cross Bible chapter numbers have special meaning. For example, the 911th Bible chapter is Haggai chapter two which contains a message appropriate for God’s 911 message – Warnings to nations who have turned from God.

4. Chapter Heading – The contents of each chapter with chapter heading information containing; Chapter Book name; chapter number; abbreviated chapter reference used by the webpage to jump to any chapter from the URL; links to the Bible Table of contents (TOC); the first chapter of the current book; the previous book; previous chapter; next chapter; next book and a link to this help page.

5. Chapter description – Each chapter has the cross bible chapter number, chapter number and a short one line chapter description.

6. Special Notes – some chapters include some short special notes of interest pertaining to the chapter.

7. Chapter verses – Each chapter verse contains a cross bible verse number; cross book verse number that is a sequence of the verse within a book; and the chapter and verse followed by the verse text. For New Testament verses, a cross New Testament verse sequence number follows the cross Bible sequence number.


The following example shows all the above except item #6 which does not exist for this chapter.


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