The Value – How Will This Help The Average Person to Interpret Scripture?

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As I tell people about the Bible’s pattern and the numbers that point to it, one of the first responses I hear is, “So what? I already believe God wrote the Bible. What value is there to this pattern?” It’s a fair question, and sometimes without much time for thought it’s not obvious how the knowledge of such a pattern is beneficial. Most Christians I speak to already agree the Bible is the inspired Word of God; they also believe in Jesus Christ and the Trinity, and feel they have an adequate grasp of Scripture. So their first reaction is that they don’t need a pattern because they don’t need more convincing about God. But if we push beyond our first reaction and think about the consequences of such a discovery, the value we realize actually becomes overwhelming.

Five Indispensible Values of the Redemption Pattern

We’ve covered these five values previously, but it is worthwhile to show them again and explain five major areas where the Redemption Plan helps us in our everyday spiritual growth process.

1-Plan of Salvation:

Maybe the most important value of the Numeric Map is in its revealing of God’s Redemption Pattern. This pattern reveals ten stages of our spiritual growth, which in turn clarify the process of our walk with God. Learning these growth stages helps us see the logical path of growth God has set before each person. In each of the stages we learn important concepts and teachings that prepare us for understanding as we enter the next stage. Instead of seeing the Bible as a book of many teachings for our spiritual growth, the ten stages of the Redemption Pattern organize and shepherd us through the steps of the pattern, teaching us in a progressive way and guiding us to becoming faithful and obedient servants who will eventually to go to dwell with Jesus in His Kingdom.


2-Revealing the Bible is the Exact Word of God:

1 Thessalonians 2:13 says, “…you received the word of God… you accepted it not as the word of men, but for what it really is, the word of God….” Most Christians will agree the Bible is God’s Word, but this over-generalized claim for the source of Scripture helps very little in learning how much someone really trusts God’s Word. Many Bible scholars also agree the Bible is the Word of God authored by men, but declaring this position on the authorship of the Bible is not useful in understanding what men think about the accuracy of its contents.

            The divine inspiration of biblical text is a term used in so many different ways it has lost its meaning. To some it simply means God gave the information to a writer who then put it in his own words and according to his own point of view. Others assert the original text is divinely inspired, but the problem with this stance is then to identify what versions of the original text they believe are inspired as there are many variations of early texts of every book. With these many debates about the nature of the Bible’s authorship it is impossible to define what “inspired” means beyond the general belief that the Bible is somehow the work of God. This is not a very compelling argument to seekers who are sincerely trying to know what religious belief is correct. But with Bible Numerics we can actually let the Bible prove itself to be inspired or not.

The DNA like Numeric Map proves with mathematical accuracy the structure and perfection of patterns in the Bible could not have been accomplished with any technology or knowledge we have today, nonetheless that of more than 2000 years ago.


3-God Has Left Guideposts for Interpreting His Word:

Daniel 2:28 says, “…there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries….” We can never expect to understand everything about God’s Word, especially with its many layers of messages, as well as His method of writing that hides meanings intentionally. Rarely are we able to study significant sections of Scripture without running into some questions about the meaning. But just as God has now chosen to reveal more of His natural mysteries of the universe, so has He chosen now to reveal new discoveries in His Word. God’s Word commended the Bereans for their dedication to His Word (Acts 17:11), and now, with the guidance of His Numeric Map, He can lead us to previously undiscovered truths.
We can only imagine how many secrets are yet to be revealed that remain hidden in the text of the Bible. God’s numbers as interpretive tools help us discern His mysteries in simple ways, from helping us to understand the meaning of a single verse to making great new discoveries. The guideposts of God’s Numeric Map will lead those who pay attention to them through great adventures, and discoveries great and small in our ongoing study of our Lord.


4-The Numeric Map is the World’s Best Concordance:

Isaiah 28:10 says, “For {He says,} ‘Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there.’” Just as God’s numbers and their related themes direct our interpretation of Scripture, these perfect numbers are predictable in how they are used and what they reveal to us. We can use our knowledge of these patterns to help search the Scriptures in many different ways. Although related to interpreting the Bible, I intentionally separate the value of the Numeric Map into its own major area to emphasize the massive DNA-like cross-reference and index tools they provide.

Every number type and combination of references—and counts of words and sequences of lists—all represent patterns that can be identified and searched for to locate other similar patterns in Scripture. When people tell me they’re not interested in God’s Numeric Map because they are “numbers challenged,” I share with them a cross-reference tool anyone can use to dig deeper into any verse: Simply find other verses with the same numerical reference. Although the verses are not duplicates, they will have similar themes running through them that can help us understand the one we are studying. Using the Numeric Map is as simple as understanding tools, such as like-referenced verses, but it also includes tools that go to the deepest levels of biblical contents. These tools provide immediate reward for anyone who chooses to put them to use.


5-Pattern Numbers Reveal God in His Creation:

Jeremiah 31:35 says, “Thus says the LORD, Who gives the sun for light by day And the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night…The LORD of hosts is His name….” We know through the study of mathematics and physics that the world is created in an orderly way, a way that can be measured and explained in precise ways through numbers. Even though men think in approximations and generalities on a regular basis, it isn’t too difficult to imagine that it’s impossible for the perfect God to create imperfect things. God has shown us patterns in perfect numbers in the Bible, and there is evidence these same numbers apply to themes in all creation. It seems numbers revealed in His Word also apply to all of creation and are more than a way for God to author His Word. Maybe they are a clue to how God thinks. Of course we can’t understand everything about God, but of those things that we are able to understand, maybe the Numeric Map will unlock mysteries in every direction we turn. Although we compartmentalize the physical and spiritual sides of our lives, everything created is of God, and it is possible everything in the universe is stamped with God’s numeric patterns.