Tweets for #1030 – Number One-Thousand-Thirty

  • Perfect #bible – 31 evidences for the supernatural perfection of the Bible – #Christian
  • #Bible nbrs help interpret Matt 10:30 “our hairs are numbered”; Heb 10:30 Vengeance is mine..God will avenge every little thing
  • See Bible’s 10:30 verses–notice God counts things..precisely..”The Measuring Verses” Josh 2Ki Mt Mk Lk Jn Act Heb #
  • Bible’s 10:30 verses–preciseness of God; Mt 10:30 hairs on your head numbered; Heb..Vengeance is mine; Mk receive 100x as much #
  • Vengeance is mine…Evidence God keeps ultra precise payback accounts
  • Like Ref 10:30 Verses-God’s payback promises “Vengeance is mine”; “all the hairs on your head are numbered”
  • Like Ref 10:30 Verses; God’s payback promises; “Vengeance is mine”; “the hairs on your head are all numbered”