Tweets for #1517 – Number One-Thousand-Five-Hundred-Seventeen

  • #Halloween – In 1517 Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to Church Door (Reformation Day, Oct 31st)
  • Bible predicts dates? In 1517 Martin Luther nails 95 thesis on church door; Deu 15:17 Bondservant nails ear to door
  • Bible Facts-Luther posted 95thesis in 1517-Deu 15:17 take an awl and pierce it through his ear to the door
  • In 1517 Martin Luther Posted the 95 Thesis on the Church Door (Reformation Day, Oct 31st)
  • Bible Dates-In 1517 Martin Luther nailed thesis on church door-Deu 15:17 Bondservant declares commitment nailing ear to door? #