Tweets for #62 – Number Sixty-Two

  • CURIOUS #KJV NUMBERING; Isa “”6:2″” Above stood the seraphims: each had 6 wings; 2 covered his face, 2 covered his feet and with 2 he flew
  • Patterns in plain sight: Isa 6:2 Seraphim..each w/6 wings..2 covered his face..2 covered his feet..with 2 he flew. Chap/ver ref?
  • DNA numbered #bible-Isa “6:2″ Seraphim stood above Him, each w/”6” wings-“2” covered his face-“2″ covered his feet-w/”2” he flew
  • Examples of text and verse ref # aligning: Isa 6:2 Seraphim above Him each w 6 wings..2 covered his face…2 covered his feet..w 2 he flew.
  • A supernatural likeness of the Bible’s 6:12 verses reveal themes about sin, confession and offer…